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…Micro Mosquito Helicopters let you recreate Blackhawk Down in your own living room?

Mosquito Helicopter

The Micro Mosquito Helicopter lets you play indoor air commando in your very own living room. Billed as the world’s smallest, lightest and most stable indoor R/C helicopter, fully assembled, it’ll fit in the palm of your hand, and can be flown anywhere indoors. Featuring a coaxial rotor design that allows the Mosquito to fly up, down, forward, reverse, turn left and right, and even hover using the included three-channel digital remote, you’ll be in complete control in no time. The open structure design allows you to see the inner workings of the ‘chopper, and the glowing green eyes give the Mosquito a little bit of personality while you fly it at the nearest pet animal of choice. There are even two different controller frequencies available so you can battle two of them together. If only they made one with a built in water balloon dropper so you could unleash sneak attacks on any nearby foe.

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