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…My Dream App aims to revolutionize the software industry?

My Dream App

My Dream App is a new competition that aims to design the next three “killer apps” for Mac OSX. The brain child of Phill Ryu, a well known Mac blogger, it will do so by allowing user submissions of application ideas, which will then be narrowed down to two dozen finalists by a team of judges including Apple guru Steve Wozniak, founder Kevin Rose, New York Times columnist David Pogue, and former Apple Evangelist Guy Kawasaki. Then, visitors to the site can vote, American Idol style, and eliminate all but three apps. These three winning apps will then see the light of day via a development team made up of Unsanity’s Jason Harris, AppZapper’s Austin Sarner, SubEthaEdit’s Martin Ott and iClip’s John Casasanta. My Dream App aims to revolutionize the software industry by providing “a no holds barred, totally transparent and ridiculously low barrier version of Macintosh shareware development”. Sounds like a good idea to me. Plus, they’re giving away an Apple MacBook to the winners, and Video iPods to the three runners up. If you’ve always had that idea brewing for the next greatest Mac app, but didn’t have the programming knowledge to make it a reality, now is you chance to grab a piece of the glory.

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