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…Nerdy Shirts should be covert?

Nerdy Shirts

Your t-shirt choices say a lot about you. Are you an overt, slogan slinging, brand promoting, clever referencing t-shirtaholic? Or, are you a solid colored, subtle and simple t-shirt pacifist?

As part of the Engtech (now known as Internet Duct Tape) Group Writing Project #3, I took a look through the Nerdy Shirts collection, and picked out four shirts that need a nerdy knowledge to understand. Thus, these subtle references allow you to broadcast your nerdiness ‘on the down low’, and only be understood by fellow nerds ‘in the know’. Unite!

Hex Code

This now infamous number may or may not be illegal to wear, so promote this one with caution.

Digg Shirt

Can you digg it?

Nintendo Blow

As any classic gamer will tell you, the Nintendo Blow was the best way to get your game going.

Keyboard Battle

The keyboard battle continues. Which side are you on?

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