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…OK Go’s video could change the way you view your music?

The band OK Go has created quite the hit on the blogosphere with their video for “Here It Goes Again”. Featuring a choreographed and synchronized (and done in a single cut) routine involving eight treadmills, four band members, and a lot of jumping, dancing, and moon-walking, it’s a very unique concept that has garnered them quite a bit of attention, including performing at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards. What’s interesting is that their fame came not through MTV, where most artists peddle their wears, but through publishing their video on YouTube, where it’s popularity grew by word of mouth. The video is now one of the most downloaded in YouTube history, and their fame keeps growing. You can even purchase their video through Apple’s iTunes Music Store. Hopefully more bands will follow their example and stop using the MTV monopolistic (but no longer music oriented) goliath and find other and more creative ways to bring in fans.

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