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…Once Porsche goes black, it never goes back?

Porsche Design Edition 1

When Porsche teamed up with Porsche Design to tune the Cayman S, magic happened.

Porsche Design Edition 1 Exterior

This all black beauty, called the “Porsche Design Edition 1”, is the result of that magic, and features as much subtle style as any car should be legally allowed to have (in the interest of preventing traffic accidents from staring).

Porsche Design Edition 1 Interior

The lowered black body features matte black accent striping on the doors, hood, roof, and rear deck, the interior features black leather and Alcantara upholstery with “refined details such as the instrument dials, the layout of which reflects that of all Porsche Design chronographs. There’s also turbo wheels, a three-spoke sports steering wheel, and an “elegant briefcase containing the Flat Six Chronograph, a pocket knife, a pair of sunglasses, a pen, and a key ring – all in black”.

Porsche Design Edition 1 Briefcase

They’re only making 777 of these individually numbered marvels though, so get in line if you want one, because style like this won’t last long.


[Via: Autoblog]