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…OS X loves taking screenshots?

5ThirtyOne posted a great tutorial on how to create & manage screenshots on OSX. Taking screenshots is actually a nicely integrated and easy to use feature in OSX, but one that is often unknown or overlookied. Since it’s something I do almost everyday, I thought it would be good to let others in on this little secret. Here are the keyboard shortcuts:

Full screen (Save to Desktop): CMD+Shift+3
Full screen (Save to Clipboard): CMD+CTRL+Shift+3
Select region (Save to Desktop): CMD+Shift+4
Select region (Save to Clipboard): CMD+CTRL+Shift+4
Select item (Save to Desktop): CMD+Shift+4 then Spacebar
Select item (Save to Clipboard): CMD+CTRL+Shift+4 then Spacebar

The rest of the tutorial is equally as informative, so if you’re looking to do a little screen capturing, definitely check it out.

[Create & Manage Screenshots On OS X]

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