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…you can make an airplane out of Styrofoam food trays?

Someone with quite a bit more imagination than I have has discovered that you can easily turn a Styrofoam food tray into a paper airplane style glider. Get together their template, tape, a knife, and a few paperclips (just don’t use red ones, they’re too valuable), and you’ve got yourself one sweet stunt machine. I see some definite bombardments sometime in the near future.


…You can now just ‘bump’ a lock open?

bump keys

Lock picking has always been a skill set for the select few with enough gall to learn something that could potentially get you sent to a federal pound-me-in-the-ass-prison, and enough patience to learn something with potentially no practical purpose other than to impress friends (or girls, but most girls would be creeped out by the idea of the guy they just kicked to the curb being able to easily break back in, so I’m gonna say no to that one), either just for the sake of knowing how, or in an attempt to turn it into a low paying and lower prestige position as a professional locksmith. I’m sure there are many who learn with the Hollywood-ized images of super thieves ala Oceans 11/12/13 and James Bond running through their mind, but mostly its a hobby, something to do on a rainy Saturday evening. It used to take skill, tools, and patience. Now, no more. First, there was the vibrating lock pick. It was easier than using picks and your own dexterity, but you still had to carry around a huge pick with a motor attached. Now, there’s the bump key. Made by taking a key blank and machining each tooth to its maximum depth, this key, with the slightest ‘bump’ of a hammer, will open any tumbler style lock. That’s right, any tumbler lock. Balls, pins, whatever, if it’s in your home, it’s probably a tumbler lock. Of course, in the name of complete and total journalistic coverage, I’ve ordered a set to try it out myself. In a few weeks (eBay shipping sucks sometimes), I’ll be bumping open as many locks as I can get my hands on to see if this really is as easy as it looks. Check out the YouTube video for more detail.

[Via: MAKE: Blog]