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…Planes are now custom?

A380 Interior

So you’re an Arab oil billionaire who needs to fly out of Dubai every once in a while. What do you do? Pick up a first class ticket and order a few drinks to pass the time? No, that’s too civilian.

A380 Interior 2

Instead, you commission Airbus to build you a custom A380 for a pocket emptying $400 million ($100 million for just the interior). Normally a 555-passenger, double-decker superjumbo, this A380 will simply be called the “Flying Palace”. So what does change like that buy you?

A380 Interior 3

How about: two dining halls, a 600-square-foot master bedroom, game room, a whirlpool tub (the first of its kind, it empties into an auxiliary tank in seconds if needed), and gold plating on all of your oxygen masks (probably not that last one, but maybe). The bar has officially been raised.

[ – Airbus A380 VIP Flying Palace Interior]

[Via: Gizmodo]