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…Quicksilver is an amazing program?


I would work at Google for half of what they normally pay if they would guarantee me entrance into all of their Tech Talks (I’d work at Google for half of what they normally pay anyways if they would just offer me a job, but that’s besides the point).

Filled with web celebs and insider looks at what’s hot in the tech world, they’re a treasure trove of wonderfully interesting and useful information, and I’m quite jealous of anyone that gets to see them live. (I just wish they’d put them out as a podcast so I didn’t have to keep accidentally stumbling upon them.)

This talk with Nicholas Jitkoff of Quicksilver fame is a great look at this gem of the Mac world, and includes “the motivation behind Quicksilver, highlights of its implementation, lesions learned from its design, and the ways it might inform the future of navigation for the desktop and the web”.

Not just a look at all of the neat features of this very neat app, this talk also dives into the reasoning behind the decisions, and gives a glimpse into the future of QS. Fortunately for us, that future looks good.

[Via: 43 Folders]