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…Rendezvous may be the greatest automotive DVD of all time?


Claude Lelouch’s C’était un rendez-vous (Which means “It was an appointment”, and is commonly just referred to as Rendezvous) is now available on DVD. Made in 1976, the film is an uncut and unedited tromp through the morning streets of Paris, shot from the bumper of his Mercedes on 10 minutes of film left over from a previous work. The video has gained cult status over the years, mainly from the rarity of the film and the speculation behind the creation of the movie. Many claim the vehicle was actually a Ferrari, or that the driver was a professional racecar driver, or that the soundtrack was dubbed over post production, or that the speeds weren’t as high as Lelouch claimed. Regardless of how real the video is or what car and driver combo was used to film, it’s a piece of automotive mastery, and the reckless speed and danger of the driving are sure to get any gearhead’s heart a pumping.

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