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…Ringing cell phones don’t have to piss off everyone around you?

A handy tip for those who routinely have their phone go off at inappropriate times (in a meeting, at the movies, during class): use something besides a badly converted version of one of the latest top 40 songs. You can try a recording of a cough, a sneeze, a throat clear; anything that won’t draw as much attention as Diddy’s latest track. Personally, I use a classic phone ring, which might not be as inconspicuous as some of the methods mentioned above, but it’s not as annoying to those around me who might not share my musical tastes and don’t care that my new phone has MP3 ring tones. Plus, the old school method still works the best: just put it on vibrate and forget about it. Unless you’re in your car or at home and you’re by yourself, there’s a good chance that the people around you should and will get upset when Beyonce blares from your pocket.

[Via: Lifehacker]