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…Robots love sharpening pencils?

Robot Pencil

Here’s a gadget that’s sure to brighten your day each and every time your pencil goes a little too dull for your liking. The Wind-Up Robot Pencil Sharpener uses the turning motion of sharpening a pencil to wind up the clockwork mechanism that makes him walk along your desk in a definitively robotic manner. Plus, if you’re a fan of the pen like I am, or if you’ve already turned your pencil into a useless nub of pencil shavings and robot table dancing, he comes with a key to wind up the mechanism and let him do what he does best. Available in a variety of colors and individually wrapped for your protection, this robot could be just what you need to break through that writer’s block and finish the next classic you’ve been working on, fueled by Harry Potter like dreams of fame and fortune.

[Robot Sharpener]

[Via: Oh Gizmo!]