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…The MacHeist Bundle is back?

This year, the MacHeist bundle includes 9 different apps, plus an additional app for the early birds, plus three more unlockable apps that will be available after certain sales goals are met. This year’s bundle features a core lineup of a dozen award winning and popular apps, games and utilities that represent the cream of […]

…You can get the MacHeist Bundle for free?

Sure, the new MacHeist Bundle is nice, and with 12 apps and a price tag of just $49, it’s a pretty good deal, but what if you could get similar functionality with the price tag of just $0? Sounds good, right? Well Lifehacker did just that, and came up with a list of no-cost alternatives […]

…MacHeist is offering up a Retail Bundle?

A new MacHeist bundle is on its way, and according to the Teaser that was just posted on the MacHeist site, it’s going to be “12 Top Mac Apps…and a price that’s a steal!” The video’s a bit tough to make out, but it looks like the applications include Cha-Ching, CoverSutra, XSlimmer, Awaken, Nanosour 2, […]

…The MacHeist Bundle is huge?

If the MacHeist bundle just wasn’t doing it for you, then perhaps you should take a second look. With just 24 hours to go, the MacHeist crew has pulled out all the stops, and added VectorDesigner to the mix as the final app. Now, you’ll receive almost $500 worth of macware for just $49. In […]

…The MacHeist Bundle is back?

For a great deal on a bunch of high-quality Mac apps, head on over to MacHeist and check out this year’s bundle. Featuring $343.75 worth of software for only $49, highlights include Cha-Ching, iStopMotion, CSSEdit, Pixelmator, and more. Each application features a test run option, so you can try before you buy, and 25% of […]