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…Sex and advertising have reached the limit?

Shai Advertisement

It’s always been said that sex and advertising go hand in hand (or some combination of other body parts but that would make this post quite graphic). Shaiwear, a French clothing company, has ignored all bounds of what can be considered advertising, and what can be considered pornography, and produced an interactive pornographic catalog. About the only way to top this would be to temporarily tattoo advertisements on the body parts of porn stars during their “performances” (and if that hasn’t been done yet, I hereby claim it as my idea). As described on the website: “This interactive catalog includes X-rated pornographic content intended for adults. These catalogs can be downloaded for private use only, and in no case should be transmitted to non-consenting individuals or to minors”. I’ll bet you don’t see that kind of warning on the back of your Old Navy catalog! Just to be sure, this link is definitely not safe for work, but check it out if you want to see the cutting edge of racy advertisements.


[Via: Gawker]