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…Ships can sink?

Nautical Nosedive

Though it’s hard to believe, this picture of a nautical nosedive isn’t Photoshopped. Instead, it’s just the result of good timing and bad misfortune.

The brand new, $1.5 million Carver 55’ Marquis Motor Yacht seen here was being lifted onto a cargo ship for transport from Dubai to the US when the sling holding the front of the boat slipped, sending the bow into the water, while the sling holding the rear of the boat held on, ripping off the propellers, shafts, struts, and drivetrain.

Don’t worry though, the owner didn’t mind. As soon as the insurance agent arrived and cut him a check, he bought another Carver, and hired another transport company. Let’s just hope this one knows how to tie a knot.


[Via: Spluch]