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…Shotgun-turrets will be a standard option on the 2008 Hummer H9?

Hammer Shotgun-turret
For times when just one shotgun isn’t enough, and you don’t want to put forward the effort of actually carrying the thing around (they do get heavy you know), comes the Hammer H2X-40 Shotgun-Turret System. This thing is un-freaking-believable. Its got twin 20 round magazines, fires 3 inch shells, and can be used to fire “grenade” rounds. Not too sure what those are, but they sound like a blast. All of this is controlled from inside your tank/SUV via a joystick, for that true first person shooter feel. Apparently designed for the military and civil defense groups, I’ll be checking eBay for one to pop up so I can play the ultimate live action duck hunt game.