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…SketchFighter 4000 Alpha is an awsome Mac game?

SketchFighter 4000 Alpha is a wonderful Mac (yeah, you read that right) shareware game from Ambrosia Software. The goal is to captain a ship through imaginative pen and paper sketches in a unique synthesis of exploration and action game play, alternately blasting cute little lady bugs into oblivion and then puzzling your way through the hand-drawn challenges presented to you. There’s also a two-player mode included, and Internet play for even more multiplayer fun. Plus, if you get bored with what they give you, use the included level editor to create your own battlegrounds. The idea is unique, the levels are beautiful, the game play is smooth, the controls are easy to learn, and it’s actually really fun to play, so download your copy today and become the ultimate sketch fighter.

[Ambrosia Software – SketchFighter 4000 Alpha]

[Via: Kotaku]

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