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…Snowboards need more power?

Powered Snowboard

Jimmy D has invented a new way to hurt yourself on a snow covered mountain. His Snow Carver is a motor and track system connected to the back of a half snowboard, allowing the rider to power around up and down hills and on flat ground. The board features a unique, precision weight balance design and a hand throttle to get you to those break-neck speeds required for adrenaline junkie gear qualifications. Specs are as follows:

Drive System

  • Current models all using 134 c.c. 2 stroke Power Bee engine by US Motor Power, Inc.
  • Gas tank 1.1 gal.
  • Brakes – “drum and band type.”
  • The SnowCarver ” uses a “continuously variable transmission” clutch system”.
  • Each drive unit is fitted with the patented Mechanical Carving System.
  • Speed_ 35 mph
  • Oil/gas mix 25/1


  • Weight Shift Turnability.
  • Hand-Held Controller.
    • Controls variable speed
    • Controls variable brakes
    • Kill button
    • Tether switch, engine dies if dropped
  • Should “clamp on” or “bolt down” to any snowboard (some modifications may be necessary).
  • Regular or “goofy foot” stance.

[Jimmy D’z Powered Snowboards]

[Via: Coolest-Gadgets]