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…Sony makes some of the most beautiful commercials ever?

Sony Bravia Paint

Sony’s Bravia line has been treated to some of the most visually appealing advertising I’ve seen in a long time. They try to demonstrate that their TVs have colour “” through the use of vibrant multicoloured images in a rainbow of colours. For their latest commercial, they “colour bombed” a building, exploding large packets of multi-coloured paint hanging from the sides of a large apartment building. The ad took 10 days and 250 people to film, so I’m sure the final result will be breathtaking. They should be debuting the new ad in Autumn, so definitely keep your eyes peeled, though it’ll probably hit the blogosphere first as these ads are for Sony overseas only (hence the u in the word colour). In the mean time, check out their first Bravia advertisement, where 250,000 multi-coloured bouncy balls were unleashed on the streets of San Francisco.

[Sony Bravia Advert]