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…Sony tried to get a little too edgy with their latest ads?

PS2 Panties Ad

Sony has always tried to be on the cutting edge when it comes to their products and their advertising, but this ad for the PS2 may (nay, does) go too far. If it weren’t for the small PS2 logo in the upper corner, I don’t think anyone would even pick up on the fact that it’s supposed to be an advertisement, and not some nudie magazine cutout. The creepy looking man sits in a dark room, sniffing women’s undergarments, which, upon closer inspection are in the shape of Playstation’s famous button configuration. I mean really, how does this make you want to buy a Playstation? It makes me want an explanation from TBWA, the French company responsible for the ads, as to what this is supposed to even mean. Check out the following ads and commercial, also by the same company. I think Sony needs to look in a different direction when it comes to their next ad campaign. I appreciated the artsy-ness and the cutting edge-ness of it all, but frame it, don’t use it to try and make me want to buy a Playstation.

PS2 Head Ad

PS2 Bodies Ad


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