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…Spalding has brand new balls?

Spalding Basketball

The NBA recently switched to a new ball after 35 years of using the original, and reactions to the change have been mixed. Made by Spalding, the new ball features a composite microfiber that is supposed to spread moisture evenly across the surface of the ball, promote rapid evaporation, and maintain inherent grip capabilities even as the ball dries. Rather than the eight oblong panel design that most are familiar with, the new ball is comprised of only two cross-shaped panels that interlock like two hands with fingers laced together, eliminating the angles and points where seams met on the old ball. The main complaint seems to be that the new ball feels stickier than the old leather ball, but most players agree that it’s something they can get used to, and that it may even improve the game over time. Looks like we’ll just have to see if the new ball sticks or if players want to stick to what they’re used to.

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[Via: Yahoo! Sports]