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…Stockpile Saturday has begun?


During my daily travels through the tubes of the Internet, I like to collect bookmarks for things that I think would be interesting to feature on Didn’t You Hear. The problem is, I now have a huge stockpile of links, and I never get to post about them because new stuff is always coming in (and I post from the top). Thus, my offer to the DYH readers is as follows: I have always avoided posting a list of links because I think that you deserve more than that (at least a little background information about why I choose each link that I post). As potential posts build up though, I would like to clear out some of the older (but still good) stuff from the bookmark collection. I’m going to call it Stockpile Saturday, and I promise to only use it when necessary (it’s not going to be a weekly thing). I’m still going to include some brief background information about why I think each link is interesting, though it won’t be as thorough as a normal post. I’m going to make today a trial run, so see what you think, and let me know in the comments if you like it or not. Thanks.

[Photo Via: Wetsun]