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…Susanna Hertich’s Chrono_Shredder kills time?


Shredder art is apparently a growing trend in the artistic community, and with pieces like this Chrono_Shredder, I can see why.

    The Chrono_Shredder is a device that makes past time tangible. It is a hybrid between calendar, clock and waste producing automaton. It has no on/off-button, thus it is unstoppable, just like time. It features the 365 days of the year represented on a paper-roll. The paper-roll is led through a hacked paper-shredder, which is programmed to use exactly 24 hours to shred one “day”.

Designed by Susanna Hertrich, the Chrono_Shredder is a commentary on hibernation (strange topic), as Hertrich says that, “The Chrono_Shredder’s function is not to show the current moment, like a calendar. Instead, it shows the nearest future (the next day) – and all the time that has past from the time the device has been switched on. Whilst you spend your time in hibernation – the Chrono_Shredder messes up your space with wasted time”. Regardless of the hibernation commentary though, it’s definitely a cool concept, and would make for an interesting way of displaying the date, even if you only let it ‘mess up your space’ for a few days at a time.

[Susanna Hertich – Chrono_Shredder]

[Via: Core77 Deesign Blog]