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…Google can see you?

Google Maps Mobile

Google now knows where you are!

With the release of Google Maps 2.0 (Mobile), Google announced a new feature called My Location. It’s still in Beta (as are most Google products) but the idea is that your phone can now locate you on the map without the use of GPS.

How does it do this?

    The My Location feature takes information broadcast from mobile towers near you to approximate your current location on the map – it’s not GPS, but it comes pretty close (approximately 1000m close, on average).

It’s not exactly going to replace your Garmin, but it’s designed to help with finding local restaurants and gas stations and the like, so I think it’s definitely a cool technology with a lot of possibility.

[Google Maps Mobile]

[Via: Google Press Center]

…The Amazon Kindle needs more bookishness?

Amazon Kindle

When Amazon designed the Kindle, they wanted it to have “an aura of bookishness”.

Unfortunately, these bookishness dreams did not transfer over into the actual design, as the Kindle is filled with style for the sake of style, unusual proportions, senseless shapes, and a general lack of bookishness.

Click the link for a full breakdown of how Amazon missed the mark, and how they can change it for Kindle 2.0.

[Well… – Bookishness]

…deviantART now shows Films?

deviantART Films

deviantART is launching deviantART Film, but they want to make it very clear that this is not YouTube 2.0.

While YouTube is like a weekend movie, filled with entertainment but ultimately devoid of quality content, deviantART Film is like a film festival; an event that you know is going to be something special.

To begin with, all of their films are hand picked. No webcam rants and raves here; these are feature films that took time and effort to create.

Second, viewers can comment on specific frames of a film. Not sure what the artist was trying to portray? Instead of leaving a generic comment at the end, you can instead mark the part of the film that threw you off, and leave a comment specific to that segment.

Lastly, deviantART Films are available in DivX and h.264 formats in addition to the standard Flash, giving you higher quality and larger sized viewing options.

Considering the art that the deviants have created, I can’t wait to see what they put on Film.

[deviantART Film]

[Via: deviantART]

…Firefox 2.0 is now official?

Firefox 2.0 has officially hit the streets, and it’s going to be hot. If you haven’t joined the Firefox revolution, now is the time. Firefox, by Mozilla, is a free, open source, cross-platform, graphical web browser (thanks Wikipedia) that’s quickly become the standard for browsing the web. It cuts down on pop ups, is totally customizable, and just plain works. Give it a try; you’ll never look at the web the same way again.

Need another reason to switch? Watch this comparison video, and the choice will be pretty obvious:

Firefox 2

[Wikipedia – Firefox]

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…Skype just went 2.0 for the Mac?


Got a Mac and been itching to do some hot video on video Skype action? Lucky for you, Skype has just gone all 2.0 ( on its Mac software, allowing you to finally par up to the PC guys and make video calls to anyone on the Skype network. Go download the updated software ASAP, you’re family can’t wait to see from you.


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