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…Peugeot can quickly turn a 307 into a monster?

307 WRC

You’ve seen the Subaru Team assemble a WRX STI into a rally-ready machine in just a few minutes, but for some reason, these time-lapse rally racer assembly videos never get old.

Here, we see the Peugeot team take their 307 from zero to hero in a little under four minutes as they get it ready for Marcus Gronholm and Timo Rautiainen to abuse it to victory during the 2004 WRC race in Finland:

[Via: 0-60 Mag]

…Zoomquilt is an endless world?

Zoomquilt 2


Zoomquilt 2 is a follow up to Zoomquilt, an Internet classic that’s been around since 2004. A collaborative art project that zooms indefinitely into itself, you’ll catch yourself starting at it for hours, noticing new things each time, and just trying to figure out how it works. The mesmerization effect also makes Zoomquilt a perfect screensaver. For you Windows users, just download it directly from the site, and for you Mac heads, Nullriver Software has been kind enough to put together a version just for you. Just be ready, because once you enter the Zoom world, it’s hard to leave.


[Zoomquilt 2]

[Nullriver Software]

[Via: Random Good Stuff]

…It’s TGI Friday: F Minus?

F Minus

Today’s TGI Friday is a great way to start your day. F Minus, a comic by Tony Carrillo, winner of the 2004 mtvU Strips contest, is a typically funny, daily updated strip that uses current events, common problems, plays on words, and great one-liners to deliver a nice mix of observational and situational humor. I’ve been following the comic for a few months now, and Tony has never failed to disappoint. If you’d like to add at least one good laugh to your daily routine, check out F Minus each morning, and give your sense of humor a good wake up call.

[F Minus]