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…Photos need more pop?

3D Photo

Instructables has a great tutorial for all you Photoshop gurus out there who want to create a stunning 3D effect that will really make the subject of your photos pop out at you. Family photo time will never be the same.

[Instructables – 3D Effect]

…Your watch can hold the world?

Globe Watch

If you really want a watch that stands out, check out the Rotating Earth Watch from ThinkGeek. This Seiko powered watch features a 3D Earth that rotates every 24 hours, just like the full size 3D Earth. A small time zone indicator tells you the hours, while a small orange dot indicates the minutes. It’s even made of titanium to keep things light. Now you can have the whole world on your wrist.

[ThinkGeek – Rotating Earth Watch]

[Via: Coolest Gadgets]

…Line Rider continues to impress?

Here are a few very cool Line Rider videos that utilize the new features found in the Beta 2 release to the fullest. I especially like the creation of pseudo 3D graphics.

One Eyed Giant

M.C. Escher

Line Ride Of Doom

Skatepark Extravaganza Part Deux

Office Blizzard