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…White people like stuff?

Stuff White People Like

Stuff White People Like is impressively accurate and incredibly funny.

Half social commentary and half social mocking, it’s a daily dose of the things that make white people white.

From coffee and wine to Barack Obama and anything Apple, the full range of interests is covered. Plus, there are reasons behind each like, and an explanation of the best way to fit in with whitey, so you can easily acclimate to being or interacting with white people.

Now where’d I put that copy of Juno…?

[Stuff White People Like]

…Gas pumps are guessing?

Gas Pump

When a gas pump is measuring your gas down to the thousandth of a gallon, are you really getting an accurate assessment of how much is going in?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: No.

As it turns out, gas pumps have an accepted inaccuracy of half a cubic inch, plus half a cubic inch per gallon. That means that if you’re getting 10 gallons of gas, then your gas pump can over- or under-dispense up to five and a half cubic inches of gas and still be compliant.

Five and a half cubic inches of gas is about .024 gallons, or twenty times the accuracy that your pump is claiming, so it’s basically all a lie.

[An Entirely Other Day – Are Gas Pumps Really Accurate To A Thousandth Of A Gallon?]

[Photo Via: _nickd]