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…Chat Noir wants to keep the cat?

Chat Noir

Chat Noir is a deceptively simple game.

To win, you must keep the cat from escaping by clicking on dots until it’s surrounded. Each time you click, the cat can move one space.

Can you keep this kitty contained?

[Chat Noir]

…Desert Rally is addictingly fun?

Desert Rally is a wonderfully addicting game.

The music is terrible, the controls are simple, and the start is easy, but as it gets progressively harder and harder, you’ll find that it’s progressively harder and harder to pull away.

Think you can beat your high score?
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…It’s Website Wednesday: Kongregate?


Kongregate is trying to create “the leading online hub for players and game developers to meet up, play games, and operate together as a community”. Currently in Beta; Kongregate already hosts 553 games, and has hundreds of gamers playing together at any one time. Though anyone can submit a game, a user rating system ensures that only the best games float to the top of the charts. In addition to regular playability, each game is wrapped in community features such as chat and challenges that allow you to play alongside your friends. Plus, developers receive a share of the microtransaction and advertising revenue, and retain the full rights to their games, so they are encouraged to write up some good stuff. If you’re looking for a place to kill some time, Kongregate is it.


…Desktop Tower Defense got an upgrade?

Desktop Tower Defense

Get ready to kill a few more hours, because Desktop Tower Defense is now Version 1.2, with “a new Bash Tower, new Spawn creeps, new Fun Modes, new Challenge Modes and a new creep layout”. And you thought you were going to be productive today.

[Desktop Tower Defense]

…You should be playing Desktop Tower Defense?

Desktop Tower Defense is one of the best and most fun online Flash games I’ve played in quite some time. “You have to stop your enemies, or ‘creeps’, from traveling all the way across the screen. Tower pieces can be purchased and placed on the map to kill the creeps before they make it across”. It sounds easy, but once you get into it, you’ll quickly get addicted. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

[Hand Drawn Games – Desktop Tower Defense]

[Via: Kottke]