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…Adidas wants you to create original games?

Adidas must have some creative geniuses working for them on a pay for creativity basis, because their latest run of commercials is fantastic.

On the heels of their Adi Dassler spot, they released this one called “Original Games”, and it should ring true for anyone who has ever taken what’s around them and turned it into a game of some sort.

Anyone else getting fond memories from this?

[Via: Advertising For Peanuts]

…Adi Dassler has quite a history?


Do you know your Adidas history?

Did you know that Adidas was owned and founded by a man named Adi Dassler?

In case you didn’t, Adidas wants to give you a full rundown of the story, though with their beautiful combination of stop motion, claymation, and video inlays, it’s definitely worth the time it takes to sit through a bit of an Adidas history lesson.

And here you thought it stood for All Day I Dream About Sex.

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