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…Advertising breaks dimensions?


Here’s an interesting ad campaign from MADD Canada. Featuring one of three vehicles, they each have a broken windshield and a trail of skid marks. When you crumple up the bottom of the poster and post it up against a stationary object, the message becomes quite clear: drive drunk and face serious consequences. It’s an interesting mix of two and three-dimensional objects, and hopefully it’s effective at getting the message across to more than a few people.

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…It’s hard to comprehend people who don’t talk normally?

There’s something strikingly eerie about a person’s words, body language and tone not all matching when they speak. Your brain has a hard time comprehending what’s going on, and you almost hear what you want to hear and see what you want to see despite what’s actually occurring. The effect can be pretty entertaining as well, as seen in the rise of its use in advertising. This first video, called Truth In Advertising, shows what would happen if everyone spoke with the same body language and tone they would normally use, but actually spoke what was on their minds.This Cingular commercial shows a mother and daughter with words that don’t match their body language so that they are agreeing with each other in a very argumentative tone.

This Citibank commercial shows two ladies talking with each other but with entirely different voices and subject matter dubbed over.

Each video manipulates the way we speak in a different manner, and each seems to confuse us in a different way, though each still manages to entertain. Sound good ‘cause they free. Shoot.

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…Head & Shoulders now clears up that chalky hair problem you’ve got?

Head and Shoulders Ad

Now here’s an interesting ad idea: Head & Shoulders branded chalkboard erasers. When used to erase the board, they “erase” the dandruff-like flakes that cover the board, as well as the rest of the writing. Seems like a neat idea, though it does fall on the slippery slope of product placement in every part of our daily lives, and no ad is cool enough to justify that sort of reality. (This blog post is brought to you by Geico, ‘cause we ran out of funny ad ideas of our own so we’re stuck advertising like this from now on).

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