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…It’s Tuner Tuesday: Mazda Furai?

Mazda Furai

Believe it or not, the zoom-zoom boys are behind this beautiful concept car, and it’s called the Furai (Japanese for “sound of the wind” and pronounced “fu-rye”).

The look is based on an American Le Mans Series racecar, and the chassis is the actual Courage C65 chassis that Mazda used in the ALMS series two seasons ago.

Power comes from a 20B three-rotor rotary, and runs on E100 ethanol fuel to produce a reported 450-horsepower.

The lines of this car are what really make it a thing of beauty though, so compliments to Mazda and Swift Engineering for cloaking a wolf in wolf’s clothing.

Care to let DYH take a test drive?

[Via: Mazda]

[Via: Autoblog]