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…Cups can tell secrets?

Anamorphic Cups

Anamorphic Cups have a little history lesson that goes along with them, so here goes:

    “Anamorphose” is from the Greek ana, meaning “back” or “again”, and morphe, meaning “form”. It refers to a distorted image that only appears normal when viewed with or reflected from a special device. The most common of these devices is the anamorphic cylinder, which typically consists of a cylinder with a highly reflective surface, placed in the center of a painting that is lying face-up. Such curiosities first appeared in the 1600s, and became popular throughout Europe in the 18th century.

The set includes a stainless steel cup with a polished mirror finish, and distorted images or words printed on the saucer that can only be viewed correctly through the curved, reflective surface of the cup. This would make a great way of pulling off a secret proposal in the middle of a meal, though you should double check what it says because I imagine distorted spell checking is a tough thing to master.

[Anamorphic Cups]