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…It’s Movie Monday: Drift?

Drift is a short that combines digital stills into a stop motion animation, but in a way that I’ve never seen done before.

It’s rather hard to describe, so I suggest that you watch it and see what I mean:

…SNASK is fantastic?

SNASK is a stop motion video made with 1846 photos that took just under four days to shoot. As I’m sure you’ll agree though, that was time well spent:

…A day in PARIS is enough?

A day in PARIS is an impressive short from Benoit Millot that combines video with CGI animation to tell the story of a robot and his tour through the city.

…You need to watch A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything?

A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything is a flipbook style animation made with just biro pens and about 2100 pages spanned across 50 jotter books, and it took the artist roughly three weeks to complete. After watching it though, I’d say that was time well spent: