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…The Vice Photo Book makes alternative look awesome?

The Vice Photo Book

Vice Magazine has never held back with their visuals; preferring to fill their pages with raw and uncut “alternative photography” from around the world.

Now you can enjoy “Vice Photographers”, “Vice’s Photojournalism”, “Vice Fashion”, and more in 335 pages of Vice anthology called The Vice Photo Book.

Buy it, toss it on a coffee table, and prepare to kick your alternative ego up a notch.

[Vice Magazine]

[Via: Format Magazine]

…You’re so MAD?

Mad Magazine DVDs

If you’re a fan of MAD Magazine, you can now get every issue published from 1952-2006, over 600 issues (17,500 pages) including regular issue, XL’s, Super Special and Color Classics, all on one two DVD set. The set also includes interviews with many of the writers, Spy VS Spy animation videos, Spy VS Spy Mountain Dew commercials, and much more. This is a definite must have.

[Via: Boing Boing]