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…Internet forums need better behavior?

In the AOL era, forums and chat rooms were the place to be.

However, as Facebook and MySpace began sucking up everyone’s extra time, forums and chat rooms were suddenly slotted under poking and biting chumps on the Internet order of importance scale.

Fortunately, the forum has remained a vital source of information for some, and because of this, a set of laws and rules has slowly developed to make them more enjoyable.

Unfortunately, not everyone follows these rules, and internet anonymity means that there’s always someone who wants to ruin everyone else’s good time. If that someone happens to be you, then be sure to watch the following video for a quick lesson on How To Behave On An Internet Forum.


And from the same guy, and equally funny video titled “How To Ruin Xbox Live For Everyone Else”:

…Websites are starting to jump the shark?

You were doing so well.

You had plenty of visitors, you had tons of interesting content, and you had everyone wanting to be you.

Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be. You let it get to your head, and now, your credibility is fading fast.

What happened?

You jumped the shark.

Yes, I’m talking to you Perez Hilton, CNN and eBaum. You too AOL, MySpace and Ain’t It Cool News; don’t think you can escape.

You jumped the shark, and now Holy Taco has added you to a list of eight websites that jumped the shark for the whole world to see; because sometimes, you just have to call shenanigans.

[Holy Taco – Eight Websites That Jumped The Shark]

…It’s Website Wednesday: RED Universe?

RED Universe

The RED Universe is a chat space designed to advertise for the RED Interactive Agency. Inside of the universe, you can run, fly, chat, dance and punch each other in a classic old-timey style that reminds me of the Guinness commercials. It’s simple, but it’s captivating in an AOL chat room sort of way. Brilliant!

[RED Universe]