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…Mac’s OS comes with a built in zoom feature?

Here’s a cool feature built into the latest version of Mac’s OS: Screen Zoom using the mouse scrollwheel. Just hold ctrl and use the scrollwheel to zoom in and out, and move the focus by moving the pointer. This trick also works with the two finger “scroll” trackpads. Just hold ctrl and you can zoom in an out by moving your two fingers up and down.

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…Greenpeace wants a less poisonous Apple?

Greenpeace Apple

Apparently Greenpeace has taken a dislike to Apple and is calling for change with their impression of the Apple homepage. Calling them “Poison Apples”, they say that Apple continues to use hazardous substances in their products that other companies have abandoned, and that these chemicals end up being dropped off in third world countries rather than being recycled. They are asking Apple to:

  • Remove the worst toxic chemicals from all their products and production lines.
  • Offer and promote free “take-back” for all their products everywhere they are sold.

Considering Apple’s change to smaller and generally less packaging, I think they are taking steps in the right direction, and more environmentally friendly products are always a plus, I just question Greenpeace’s targeting of Apple specifically instead of the tech industry in general. They did do a pretty good job of mocking up an Apple homepage though, I’ll give them that.

[Greenpeace – Apple]

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…Mira lets you use Apple’s Remote on your Mac thanks to Twisted Melon?


Twisted Melon just released Mira, a program that allows you to use the Apple Remote on any Mac. Besides Front Row, which can be installed using methods detailed on Andrew Escobar’s website, Mira allows you to control any program with the Remote’s customizable buttons, and can even launch documents and run AppleScripts. There are 40 applications built into the software, and you can create additional custom application profiles in just seconds. There is even support of external USB IR Receivers, if your Mac didn’t come with one built in. Sounds like a great solution to adding Apple’s excellent Remote features to your Remote-less Mac.

[Twisted Melon – Mira]

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