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…It’s Things Thursday: HunterGatherer by Incase?


Incase and Arkitip teamed up to create the new HunterGatherer line of MacBook and iPhone cases, and the result is a fantastic looking concept that will give your gadgets more style than most people can handle.

Featuring woodgrain on the outside and woven orange fabric on the inside, it’ll look equally at home when your hunting the woods for wild game or hunting in the wild world of your local Starbucks for an open chair.

[Incase – HunterGatherer]

…Arkitip’s No. 0044 is 3D Viewer enhanced?


Arkitip’s latest issue is an interesting one: They gave design responsibilities to Wood Wood, who covered the HIGHMATH exhibit with an exhibition catalog and a 3D Viewer with 3 Image Reels that served as the working catalog for the exhibition.

Now if only I could add ‘enhanced by 3D Viewer’ functionality to DYH…

[Arkitip – No. 0044]

[Via: Kitsune Noir]