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…Hip-Hop chains are huge?

Busta RhymesHip-Hop artists have an unnatural obsession with unnecessarily large chains, which is why it takes a special someone to make it into a list of Hip-Hop’s Most Ridiculous Chains. To make it onto the list, you have to be willing to take a few risks, and wearing enough cash to buy a house around your neck is just the beginning.

Platinum, gold and diamonds are all part of the chain arsenal, and the bigger the better, so click the link to see if your favorite lyricist has what it takes.

[Hip-Hop’s Most Ridiculous Chains]

[Via: Sand & Cotton]

…Steve Pavlina can help you boost your personal productivity?

Steve Pavlina

Steve Pavlina, the personal development guru, recently put together and posted a personal productivity heuristic called Rules to Boost You Productivity. Though he started out with just 33 behavioral rules (both general and situation-specific), response has been so good that he’s expanded the list to include 99 tips and tricks to help you get things done more efficiently. With ideas like “Worst First”, “Timeboxing”, and “Relaxify”, there should be at least a few new ideas for you to add to your productivity arsenal. Now get going.

[Steve Pavlina – 33 Rules To Boost Your Productivity – Volume 1]

[Steve Pavlina – 33 Rules To Boost Your Productivity – Volume 2]

[Steve Pavlina – 33 Rules To Boost Your Productivity – Volume 3]