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…Kitsune Noir has begun The Desktop Wallpaper Project?

The Desktop Wallpaper Project

Kitsune Noir wants to go beyond everyday blogging, and has begun a project called The Desktop Wallpaper Project to do so.

Each Wednesday, one new desktop wallpaper from a collection of artists and designers will be released, and it will be free to download in a multitude of monitor sizes, as well as iPhone and PSP versions.

So far, over 60 artists are involved, and some have submitted multiple works, so if you’re a fan of creative wallpapers, then check stop by on Wednesdays and see what’s new.

[Kitsune Noir – The Desktop Wallpaper Project]

…Pixish is a photo broker?


Pixish wants to connect image makers with image buyers to form a collaborative smorgasbord of creativity. It’s “a way to engage creative people online to submit, judge, and source amazing images”.

Here’s how it works:

Pixish How It Works

For artists, “Pixish is a great place to find fun projects, ideas to fuel your creativity, and great prizes to win!”

For publishers, “Pixish connects you with a vibrant community of creative people, gives you tools to engage, and helps you find brilliant original work.”


…Ugly money can be beautiful?

Homer Front

Homer Back

Since 1998, Johnny Bitter, owner of Johnny Burrito, has been collecting funny money that has come across his counter from “unsung artists, poets, philosophers & pundits” who use national currency as a medium. His collection includes bills that have been drawn on, written on, mutilated, stamped, and even the occasional coin. I wonder how much some of this art would cost.

[Ugly Money]

[Via: Pennylicious]

…Meat and Potatoes make good shirts?

Meat and Potatoes

Meat and Potatoes is “a collaboration of artists with freshly conceived, tasty ideas, packaged in very limited numbers”. Each limited edition t-shirt is hand silkscreened, then packaged in a meat tray with a numbered 6” x 8” print of the artwork included. Plus, a portion of the sales are donated to various food charities, because if you’re getting your fill of Meat and Potatoes, so should those less fortunate. Their designs are definitely cool and unique, and their packaging can’t be beat, so add a little Meat and Potatoes to your fashion menu the next time you order.

[Meat and Potatoes]

[Via: Josh Spear]