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…It’s Things Thursday: Deckstool?


Jason Podlaski takes broken skateboard decks and turns them into unique pieces of furniture called Deckstools.

Each Deckstool is made from recycled skateboard parts, and “the scrapes and scars on the decks create beautiful patterns over the original skateboard artwork”.

The stools are even assembled using original skateboard trucks for hardware, giving them an extra bit of authenticity and leaving nothing to waste. Plus, since each one is made using a used and broken board, each one is a unique and limited edition run of one.


…EGPApparel is a new way to play?

EGPApparelIf you happen to be shopping for shirts inside of a Target, then be sure to stop by the EGPApparel section, because they’re selling shirts that not only feature artwork from Experimental Gameplay Project games, they actually feature the games themselves on a CD that comes with each one.

Supporting indie game developers and getting a unique looking shirt out of the deal; all at the same time?

I’ll take two.


[Experimental Gameplay Project]

[Via: Tcritic Via: Kevin Allen Jr.]

…Meat and Potatoes make good shirts?

Meat and Potatoes

Meat and Potatoes is “a collaboration of artists with freshly conceived, tasty ideas, packaged in very limited numbers”. Each limited edition t-shirt is hand silkscreened, then packaged in a meat tray with a numbered 6” x 8” print of the artwork included. Plus, a portion of the sales are donated to various food charities, because if you’re getting your fill of Meat and Potatoes, so should those less fortunate. Their designs are definitely cool and unique, and their packaging can’t be beat, so add a little Meat and Potatoes to your fashion menu the next time you order.

[Meat and Potatoes]

[Via: Josh Spear]

…Your walls may be hiding tattoos?

Secret Wall Tattoo

Secret Wall Tattoos are sure to have you flipping the picture frames, headboards and chairs on your next hotel stay, looking for hidden little pieces of artwork. Though no information is given about the origin of the idea or who contributes, the myriad of images on the site are sure to give you a pretty good idea of what wall tattooing is all about.

[Secret Wall Tattoos]

[Via: Neatorama]