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…It’s Things Thursday: DigiDudes?


DigiDudes are “funky, portable camera tripod and keychains with attitude”.

To use, simply screw off the dude’s head and pull out the retractable legs. The keychain allows you to attach the dude to your camera bag or backpack, making it the perfect on-the-go camera mount for when you just need something that’s a little more stable.

The five dudes are Pinky Scorsese, Snot Buster, 1iChomp, BoltBot, and G-bling-Money-Son, and each comes with its own personality and attitude.

[Quirky – DigiDudes]

…Santa Ana knows what a tagger looks like?

Tagger GuideApparently, the city of Santa Ana, California wants parents to know that if it looks like a tagger, and it quacks like a tagger, then it must be a tagger, because they put together one of the most obvious guides for parents that I’ve ever seen.

If your kid leaves the house with a backpack full of spraypaint cans and a bandana over his face, and you either don’t notice, or don’t think anything’s wrong before you consult this guide, then you probably have bigger issues than this guide is going to solve.

[Santa Ana – Graffiti]

[Via: Wooster Collective]

…Adventure walking with the Hipster is sure to draw a few looks?


The Hipster is a replacement for the backpack if you just can’t seem to lug around enough stuff carrying everything on your shoulders. The designer, Joel Hoag, created the Hipster in response to his father’s wish to walk across America, and he hopes that his design will lead to the growth of a sport he calls “adventure walking”. So far there are two designs, the Hipster I, which utilizes a single wheel, making it maneuverable and compact, and the Hipster II, with two wheels for greater strength and easier carrying of heavier loads. Though you are sure to garner quite a bit of attention looking like you forgot your bike on a cross country trip, it does save your back from sure destruction if you tried to load everything in a backpack, so it’s a good use of function over form. I think it’d be fun to attach a few of these together and form a new sport called “human train adventure walking”, but that’s just me.


[Via: OhGizmo!]