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…Britney was driven crazy?

Britney Umbrella

Though I try not to write about celebrity gossip on DYH (it’s just too easy, and I don’t really care), sometimes it’s just too good to pass up. Apparently, after having a mental breakdown and shaving her own head, Britney Spears took out her remaining frustrations on Kevin Federline’s Ford Explorer, beating it with an umbrella, and was then taken to a rehab clinic by her mom, who had to pick her up from K-Fed’s driveway to end her reign of terror. Who knew her song “(You Drive Me) Crazy” would turn out to be just a warning?

[Via: Buzz Patrol]

…Britney is bald?

Bald Britney

Britney has gone bald, and not in that “getting out of the car with Paris Hilton and oops, look what I forgot” sort of way either. Her new hairless head was caught on camera as she went through the process of getting a pair of red lips tattooed on her wrist, and is sure to cause quite a stir. Rock bottom finally has a new definition.

[Via: The Superficial]