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…Ball games are fun?

Here are a couple of quick and easy ball games to play.


In Filler, you must fill 2/3 of the screen with growing filler balls, but you must do so while avoiding the bouncing balls that will kill your filler ball, and you have a limited amount of time and number of balls to work with.

White Dwarf

In White Dwarf, you must collect all of the green balls with your white ball. Blue balls bank your points, and red balls kill you.

Can you survive?


[White Dwarf]

[Filler Via: Digg]

[White Dwarf Via: The Presurfer]

…Marc Ecko wants to set the record straight?

For The Record

Marc Ecko is a marketing genius.

After paying $752,467 for Barry Bonds’ 756th home run baseball, he is giving the world a chance to tell him what to do with it.


Bestow It – Give the ball to Cooperstown. The ball that broke Hank Aaron’s career home run record belongs in the Hall of Fame.

Brand It – Burn an asterisk into the ball with a branding iron, adding a permanent footnote to the record. Then, send it to Cooperstown.

Banish It – Put the ball on a rocket ship and launch it into orbit, a moon shot for the ages. Out of sight, out of mind.

What do you think?

[For The Record…]