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…Some news stories don’t need many words?

Here are two pictures that tell quite a tale:

Gibson And Boo Boo

The first is Gibson and Boo Boo, the world’s tallest and the world’s smallest dog, meeting for the first time in Sacramento, California for Guinness World Records Day, 2007. On his hind legs, Gibson stands at over 7 feet tall, while Boo Boo checks in at just 4.9 inches.

Banana Shoreline

The second is the shoreline of two Dutch North Sea islands after six containers of bananas fell off of a cargo ship during a storm and washed ashore. After the spill, the shoreline was bananas, B.A.N.A.N.A.S.

[Dogs Via: Spluch]

[Bananas Via: Yahoo!]

…It’s Things Thursay: Penis Pokey?

Penis Pokey

Penis Pokey is the perfect gift for the guy who just can’t seem to tie down his trouser snake or control his cyclops. An illustrated book with a large die-cut hole in its center, “every spread features a dazzling full-color illustration with one thing missing: a banana, perhaps, or a fire hose, or a sea serpent”. You then use your own imagination (and body appendage of choice) to complete the illustration. Fun? Definitely. Appropriate? Probably not. Just make sure to avoid this one at the used book store.

[Woody’s World Of Penis Euphemisms]

…Kids can now slice their own bananas?

Banana Slicer

This Banana Boat Slicer allows those so uncoordinated that they shouldn’t be using a knife to cut their own banana slices, and since no bowl of Cheerios would be complete without bananas, this could be a very handy tool indeed. Using bright yellow plastic in the shape of a banana, the slicer has no sharp edges and no dangerous blades, so it’s finger and dishwasher safe. The banana, so vital yet so underappreciated.

[The Banana Slicer]

[Via: BookOfJoe]