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…It’s Website Wednesday: Baseball Boss?

Baseball Boss

Baseball Boss is like a Fantasy Baseballer’s dream come true.

Designed to be the ultimate interactive baseball game, users can create teams using real major league players from 1907 or 2007, and then test and tweak those teams until they’re the best that they can be.

Once a team has been assembled, players can then challenge other players in real games, and using a combination of chance and statistics, a computer determines the winner.

New features are constantly being added, and it’s made by Challenge Games, who also developed Duels, so you know it’s going to have some great support behind it.

Are you ready to step up to the plate?

[Baseball Boss]

…Bary Bonds’ ball will get branded with an asterisk?

It looks like more than a few people feel like Barry Bonds was using a little help on his way to the record.

After counting over 10 million votes, the public has decided to permanently brand ball 756 with an asterisk before sending it to Cooperstown to reside in the Baseball Hall Of Fame.

Whether or not Cooperstown actually accepts the ball is another matter; though considering the publicity this will bring them, I’m guessing they’ll take it.

Vote 756 Final Results


…Baseball tickets are tricky?

Baseball Seats

As baseball season begins, it’s once again time to break out your negotiation skills if you want to get into a game, and you don’t want to sit in the nosebleeds. To help your quest, Consumerist sat down with a former season/group ticket representative, and came up with a list of ten tricks (and one bonus trick) to score a seat. With tips like “Buy odd numbers of tickets” and “Go alone, sit near the dugout”, these might not be good for the family outing, but for the die hard fan who just wants to watch his team play from as good of a location as possible, they’re indispensable bits of knowledge to keep in mind. Game on.

[Consumerist – How To Get Into A Baseball Game]

[Photo Via: Laffy4k]

…Blind people can play baseball too?

People go to great lengths and are very creative when it comes to overcoming adversity. Baseball is America’s pastime, but how would you go about playing if you can’t even see the ball due to partial or full blindness? The answer is Beep Baseball, a game with determination and heart at its core. The rules are similar to baseball, but they use a grapefruit sized ball that emits a constant noise while on the field. The pitcher and catcher are sighted, and on the same team as the batter. If the batter hits the ball, the goal is to reach either first or third base, depending on whichever one randomly makes noise, before the fielders can control the ball. If the batter reaches the base, a run is scored. The following website is a series of videos explaining the game and the players, and it’s both heartwarming and inspirational. It seems nothing can keep some people down.

[ESPN – Beep Baseball]

[The National Beep Baseball Association]

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