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…Supermodels need to gain some weight?


Most would agree that the woman on bottom, Jen Hunter, has a beautiful figure, while the woman on top, Marianne Berglund, has a few too many bones sticking out in a few too many places. Sadly, the woman on bottom was cut from a show called Make Me A Supermodel because she didn’t “battle with her weight” like Rachel Hunter claimed to have done for 20 years, while the woman on top was moved to the next round thanks to her “great” body. Judging by these pictures, I’d say that size 12 needs to be the next size 0, or else our perception of beauty needs a severe readjustment.

[Via: Daily Mail]

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…Gold can de-age your face?

La Prairie Pure Gold

Can’t find anything better to do with gold these days? How about smearing it across your face in an attempt to de-age your skin. La Prairie’s Pure Gold Cellular Radiance Concentrate does just that, using a “revolutionary, multi-faceted microemulsion” of 24 carat gold micro-particles that “lifts, firms, resurfaces, brightens, and de-ages the skin”. Hell, at $525 per ounce, they sure better hope this does more than just give a light sprinkling of gold and excessive wealth on your face; it better cause men and children to shield their eyes and look away in an attempt to avoid being blinded by the sight of pure beauty.

[Neiman Marcus – La Prairie Pure Gold Cellular Radiance Concentrate]

[Via: Luxist]

…Real beauty needs self-esteem?

Dove Faces

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but that eye can always be tricked with a little makeup and a lot of Photoshoping. In an effort to show us how distorted our idea of beauty has become, Dove has started the Campaign For Real Beauty. One of their most powerful pieces is this movie in which we see a normal looking woman transformed into the everyday supermodel we see covering billboards and advertising spreads on a daily basis. I hope this message gets spread far and wide, because self-esteem is a terrible thing to waste.

[Campaign For Real Beauty]

[Via: Spluch]