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…The Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker lets you live your dreams?

Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker

Forget air guitar and rock out for real with the Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker, a belt buckle that plays music out of the included amplifier when you strum a pick over it.

The Air Guitar Rocker comes with 10 “signature riffs to jam to”, or you can pick up the Heavy Metal or 80’s Rock Encore Packs to keep the party going with new tunes and more riffs.

It might not make you any better at the real guitar, but who said having a skill was any fun anyways?

[Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker]

…Nintendo controlls your belt?

NES Buckle

For many, the NES controller was their first foray into the world of gaming. Pay that controller some respect with the NES Buckle, the original Nintendo controller belt buckle. Made from a real controller, it screams both stylishly chic, and classicly cool. Get yours today, because it’s always nice to give someone control of your pants.

[NES Buckle]