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…The Free Ride is a pen from the future?

Free Ride

If the ballpoint Bic isn’t your cup o’ tea, then check out the Free Ride pen by Jean-Pierre Lepine.

Designed to be “a blend of the ergonomic, the comfortable and the beautiful”, it’s as much of a sculpture as it is a pen.

Don’t get your hopes up too much though, because despite how much this pen costs, it still can’t cure your chicken scratch handwriting.

Free Ride Colors

[Jean-Pierre Lepine – Free Ride]

[Via: Luxist]

…Office supplies make great guns?

Office Supplies

With a few common office supplies and some assembly, OfficeGuns can teach you how to build and fire various guns that are sure to keep you entertained at your next office meeting. They even include velocity, load times and firing ranges. You’ll never look at a Bic pen the same way again.


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…Mont Blanc makes expensive pens?


The Mont Blanc Boheme Royal Black & White pen marks the other end of the Mont Blanc pen spectrum when compared to the $15 Mont Blanc pen project (though it does illustrate nicely why such an alternative is necessary). This cartridge fountain pen features a retractable platinum-plated 18-karat gold nib, an 18-karat white gold barrel and cap set with a total of 1,430 brilliant-cut diamonds, 18-karat white gold rings and clip set with a paramount-cut diamond. Even the Mont Blanc star logo is made of 19 individual diamonds. I understand you don’t want to Bic the final touch on your million-dollar contract, but with a price tag of $150,000, you better hope that contract doesn’t fall through anytime soon or you’ll be signing life insurance policies with this brilliant work of art.

[Mont Blanc Boheme Royal Black & White]

[Via: BornRich]

[Via: Luxury Portfolio]