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Green Machine Is One Giant Big Wheel

Green Machine

It might look like a toy you played with as a kid, but the Green Machine from Parker Brothers Choppers is for big boys (and girls) only.

That’s because this Big Wheel trike is actually powered by an 80 cubic-inch Harley Davidson Evo engine, with a 45-inch front tire and working rear steer. (Just like the smaller version.)

Jeff Halverson, who was one of the people responsible for the build, claims to have taken it up to 50 MPH, and said that it would be street legal if not for the slick rear tires.

Next up for the Green Machine?

Getting certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest wheel on a motorcycle trike.

[Via: Wired]

…It’s Movie Monday: Skid Marks?

Skid Marks is a classic from the 705 boys, and took first place in the RockStar Games Upload III Contest.

    Three daredevil street racers take their madcap street antics to a completely different level. An action-packed movie that’s sure to leave a mark in your pants!

Made in 2003, it used a budget of only $300, though it’s filled with the action and adventure of at least a $400 movie. Big Wheeling will never be the same.

[Seven Oh Five]