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…MASH makes fixed gear bikes look like fun?


When I heard the words ‘fixed gear bikes’ and ‘DVD’ used together, I had my doubts about how good a movie about the somewhat artsy bikes could be, but after watching the trailer, I will humbly accept defeat.

Despite a lack of gears, pegs, shocks, or comfort of any kind normally associated with trick bikes, the Mash SF crew manages to make this sport look like a ton of fun.

The DVD includes their hour-long feature film, an extra hour of outtakes, and a 120-page book of project photos and explanations.

Why wait? Pre-order now.


[Via: High Snobiety]

…Felt Racing makes the MP for street soldiers?

Felt Racing MP

The Felt Racing MP is a classic cruiser with a vast amount of army style. Designed to withstand even the toughest of terrain in the urban jungle, the MP can handle any mission, and features:

  • Monocoque-aluminum Frame
  • Integrated Tank
  • Bombproof Wheels with 12-gauge Stainless-steel Spokes
  • Fat Balloon Tires
  • Front and Rear Racks
  • Canvas Saddle Bag
  • Fenders
  • Generator-powered Headlight

With looks to kill and features to match, the MP will promote you to general of the streets in no time.

[Felt Racing MP]

[Via: Uncrate]

…It’s Things Thursday: The Collective?

The Collective

The Collective, a Freeride Mountain Biking video, is one of those films that makes you wish there was some way to rent enough skill and enough stupidity (or is it luck) to throw yourself off of a cliff with nothing but a bike to break your fall. Shot entirely on 16mm film, the movie has a grittiness and a rawness that puts your right in the middle of the action. “The Collective has created a film that portrays the newest, cutting edge images of the Freeride progression, while exploring the thoughts and personalities of the riders leading that progression”. Though it was produced in 2004, The Collective is still as cutting edge today as it was when it was released, and continues to inspire the entire extreme sports video industry. Be prepared to be amazed.

[The Collective]

…The Aeroblade is one bad bike?


Aeroblade Wheel

The Aeroblade from Koga-Miyata is so beautiful, it deserves to be mounted on a wall and admired as art rather than sat on by a mere mortal. Produced as a partnership between Koga and Spyker, a small Dutch sports car manufacturer, this limited edition (only 50 will be made) bike features a hand-built titanium frame, sandblasted decals, a 14 speed internal gear hub, hand-built carbon fiber wheels, hydraulic disc brakes, Hulshof Leather grips, saddle and saddlebag, hand-built carbon fiber wheel fairings, and a whole lot of sexy.



…StreetskinZ make your bike tires reflective?


StreetskinZ are designed to allow you and your bike “to achieve a certain amount of sweetness” and make you feel “freaking pumped”. Out of touch marketing slang aside, they look much better than a standard black tire, and with their reflective compound, make you way safer at night. Plus, they’ve got cool names like Scorch and Nightwing so you can be safe in style.


[Via: The Cool Hunter]